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Diana Porter and Tyler Kehoe on set shooting The Shade Directed by Tyler Chipman

Playing a well written character in an emotionally gripping scene is one of the best things in life (well, it is to me) but having an wonderful director and an AMAZING costar, that is just heaven. I got all that, plus a fantastic, professional and friendly crew this month working on The Shade.

We were awash in Tylers. Tyler Chipman, our brilliant writer and caring director made every overnight shoot a breeze. Tyler Clark, the cinematographer with a exquisite eye. And my costar, Tyler Kehoe a consummate professional who brought his A game on every take and is only FOURTEEN years old!

Like most horror films, there's a lot more to it than a scare. The big baddie is a lot worse than spooky. This one pulls at my heart and I think Tyler's performance of Tyler's words captured by Tyler will be absolutely stunning on screen.

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