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Stuck in the Middle with... Elizabeth Banks!

Diana Porter taking the Mid Cap Challenge with Elizabeth Banks and State Street Financial

There I was, working with the acting/directing/filmmaking powerhouse Elizabeth Banks. She was kind, friendly and professional. Day one was quick for me. Day two was the Mid Cap Challenge, a high speed improv game. I was so excited. It felt like there were 500 people on set. I think I did pretty well. I did have a funny moment though, at one point I'm asked a question and the answer they wanted was... well... a bit rude and I knew my mother would not approve so I improv'd something else and... THEY KEPT IT! So, I didn't completely embarrass myself and my mother can be proud of me for maintaining my lady like facade. Check out clips in my new commercial reel on the My Work page or head on over to State Street Financial to see the whole darn thing!

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